Tuesday, September 1, 2009

patterns galore!

Hello september!!! I can't believe its almost fall.
the past week I've been toying around with some ink drawings I've been doodling and turning them into patterns. it is so. much. fun and easy! just scan, edit, copy, repeat, and color.

I know I know... I just said it's almost fall (it certainly feels like it with these super awesome cool temperatures we've been having) and my patterns are summer related (starfish, barnacles, and schools of fish!) so please forgive me.

These are just a few of the patterns I've been creating.


  1. ooh! i think the multi-colored fish is my favorite!

    great work.

    what are you using the patterns for?

    tara - scoutie girl

  2. Thanks Tara!!
    right now there is no rhyme or reason for the patterns... I just keeping coming across fantastic artists (one of my favorites is Leah Duncan) who use/make patterns in their own work. I always think "wow thats amazing; I can do that too; why am I not trying this?!"

  3. How fun and adorable are these?!! I am definitely starting to feel the cooler weather even in Hawaii! I am so excited about September I cant even contain myself. Finally!!


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