Monday, March 23, 2009

more flower designs

Just what the title says- more flower designs! I'm enjoying these & kinda wish they were real!

Friday, March 20, 2009

happy spring

Even though today was a bit chilly out- it's the first official day of spring! woohoo! and to celebrate this wonderful season here is a bunny!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


These are just a few designs I came up with recently. I imagine these plants and flowers growing in a make believe garden- how amazing would that be? I'm really liking the process I've gone through in creating them. I was first inspired by the plant that started to grow from my plantable seed bookmark I got at Barnes & Noble! You can see this below- the sprouts are super tiny but they are there. This picture was from about a month ago, I should take a more recent one, it's getting unbelievably big!

Since the seeds started to sprout I've been doodling imaginary flowers in my sketchbook. I love these little designs but haven't quite found a purpose for them besides my own amusement. I think maybe doing some stationary/greeting cards/prints and starting my etsy shop back up once I get going with it? But until then I will keep enjoying and drawing these quirky designs!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

illustration friday- legendary

The legendary Sasquatch isn't as ferocious as everyone thinks!
Not really a finished piece... just a sketch/idea done with my handy dandy mechanical pencil on bristol paper.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

sketchbook doodles

In between sketches for illustration friday & fun springtime birds & bunnies I've been doodling out swirly designs and imaginary flora. I have pages and pages filled with this sort of thing. I finally started to ink some of my more favorite designs on bristol paper this evening. Here are just a few of the swirls!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day of artsy awesomeness in Phila!

This past weekend I finally got to Art Star in Philadelphia! It was such a wonderful space filled with amazing talent. One of the first tables I saw was filled with tons of note pads, and cards by Susie Ghahremani! I absolutely adore her whimsical style- so I had to buy this pack of postcards (I got 2 of each print so I plan to send some out and keep the others for myself to possibly frame). Unfortunately there were not print's of Jen Corace's work but I did get to enjoy her gallery set up in the back of the shop.

After that fun venture we headed to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. We could have spent an entire day looking at everything in there but we squeezed in as much as we could in the 2.5 hours we were there. My favorite works I saw was the Seurat painting which was amazing to see in person. All those little dots of color make your eyes want to go numb if you stare at it long enough but it was a beautiful piece. My other favorites
 were these delicate dutch tiles that were hung in a staircase hallway that we saw while heading up to the next level of the museum. I loved the simplicity and design of them (especially the birds!!)

and yes, my friend Manda and I were super tourist-y and had to stand in line for the Rocky statue!

Illustration Friday- intricate

Building a nest is an intricate process & these birds are down to the last twig!
Can you tell I'm anxious for some nice spring weather?? I can't wait to see some real green outside!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

birds out the wazoo!

as promised, here is a page of birds I doodled out this evening. I think I have entirely too much fun drawing little animal characters (most especially bird like creatures). I can't help it though! I love fun round shapes and little feathers sticking off of them. I'm sure there will be more to come- so be prepared!

Illustration Friday- breezy

Today's forecast: pleasantly breezy with a chance of bubbles!
This is what clouds do for fun- Happy Illustration Friday!
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