Wednesday, March 18, 2009


These are just a few designs I came up with recently. I imagine these plants and flowers growing in a make believe garden- how amazing would that be? I'm really liking the process I've gone through in creating them. I was first inspired by the plant that started to grow from my plantable seed bookmark I got at Barnes & Noble! You can see this below- the sprouts are super tiny but they are there. This picture was from about a month ago, I should take a more recent one, it's getting unbelievably big!

Since the seeds started to sprout I've been doodling imaginary flowers in my sketchbook. I love these little designs but haven't quite found a purpose for them besides my own amusement. I think maybe doing some stationary/greeting cards/prints and starting my etsy shop back up once I get going with it? But until then I will keep enjoying and drawing these quirky designs!

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