Thursday, August 18, 2011

daily doodle day #18

daily doodle day 18
the beautiful bright blue jay is today's daily animal doodle!
i'm thoroughly enjoying opening my watercolor's each day, even if its only for a few moments.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

daily doodle day #17

i can safely say i've never drawn a camel in my life- until now!
while looking at a number of camel photos, it struck me how top heavy they are... and by the looks of it, they shouldn't be able to function and hold themselves up! my favorite part about this guy is his eyes. i normally stick dots in place of eyes, but camels have such heavy eyelids. adding that tiny line, i think, made all the difference in his expression!

daily doodle day #16

daily doodle day 16
the doodle for day number 16 is a hummingbird and who ins't awestruck by these lovely creatures :)
as soon as i started sketching this morning i knew i was inspired to take this doodle further!
i began a flowery wreath in ink and have plans to continue and finish with a watercolor wash.

a little side note of inspiration... we just bought these stamps and i am head over heels with the design, everything is made up with hearts! swoon! i've been gazing at these lovelies which i purposely placed on my desk for some cheerful eye candy.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

daily doodle day #13

i doodled up a red bellied woodpecker in ink and watercolor! i think my favorite part about them is the pattern on their wings- oh so lovely!

Friday, August 12, 2011

daily doodle day #12

there is this fun little project that i was introduced to be the multi-talented emily... it was originated over at the papersparrow where a new animal is the inspiration for a doodle a day. i'm a bit behind and just started today, on day 12!
can i just say i am loving this idea & seeing other creatives knock out some most excellent drawings! it's a great exercise that keeps the imagination wheels turning- who know one of these doodles may turn into a shiny new complete piece!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

my very own print...

my very own print
of my very own drawing!
I ordered this a couple of weeks ago from society6- they were offering a fantastic special for designers & I just couldn't resist. The best thing about the print is the size, its about 12 times larger than the original drawing! I draw itty-bitty so seeing my work larger than normal is pretty fantastic :)

ready to go!

ready to go
snapped right before mister chipmunk and a few other goodies were packed away to be shipped to their new home!
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