Sunday, September 20, 2009

Art Out Loud

wow, it's been a week since the weekend trip to New York!
It was an unbelievably amazing time filled with art, walking, food, and people. Seriously one could spend a whole week there and still not see everything on their to-do list.
I took about 250 pictures and oddly enough I felt like I should've taken more... I feel like I missed a lot of what we saw!
Anyways, here is a miniscule selection of photos from the Art Out Loud event at the Society of Illustrators. Simply stated, it was mind blowing. 5 major illustrators just worked at their easels/drawing tables and painted away like they were in their own studio (with 100 guests walking around them, touching their paint supplies, asking them a zillion questions). It was truly incredible to watch them work away so effortlessly... I felt like was back in my studio painting classes.

Here is a pile of Gregory Manchess' work just sitting on a table... it eventually got spread out to the floor!

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