Thursday, February 3, 2011

hello from sunny florida>> in progress peeks

i always love seeing the behind the scenes/development of a piece of work... so just in case you missed it on flickr here are all stages of the florida postcard!!

hello from sunny florida
the initial sketch done with 4 other concepts for the commissioner

florida postcard in progress
playing with placement of all the landmarks- they were each drawn/scanned in/placed separately for easy moving around. here i was also testing a watercolor bleed...

hello from florida in color!!
the finished digital image! complete with watercolor bleed in the shape of florida, & interstate signs!

front & back
kept the back of the postcard simple but fun!
everything turned out so lovely that i'm currently working on a maryland map for a personal piece! i've been wanting to do illustrated maps and this commission was the perfect excuse to get started.

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  1. Nicole, I absolutely LOVE the way these turned out. It would be a fantastic "project" to do all 50 states!


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