Tuesday, February 22, 2011

first ever >> screenprints!

yes, thats right these are my first ever attempts at the skill of silkscreen printing! like any other new medium there are trials & errors. lots of them. believe me. every screen and technique i had to do some trouble shooting in an attempt to salvage my full class worth of work (they were only 3 hours long! which sounds like a lot, but boy oh boy the clean up is messy!)

the first assignment we had to draw a handful of thumbs of an object from our surrounding and kind of abstract it into shapes, or even textures... and then separate it into 4 layers.
we were also to combine the use of stencils and drawing fluid to form our 4 layer print.
here is my trusty cactus- with some blob like spikes on a few of the prints :)

screen printing

the second project we were asked to make a collage and create an appropriation where we could combine found imagery and our own drawing to it. we used the photo emulsion technique which is excellent for mass producing prints.
i used an image from an anthropologie catalogue and created a frame around her & added some fun woodland doodles.

screen printing

back when i was like 13 years old i always wore those screen-printed looking tees (my fondest memory is one of felix the cat) and my dad always told me i could make my own! i thought that was the coolest thing ever. since then, i've always wanted to try the technique. in my mind i thought i could just teach myself, which i still think i could of- but taking this course really just set the time aside and made me jump right in! learning something new is always a tad bit scary, because what if you jus plain ol' stink at it? i'm not exactly proud of these prints, i'm proud that i tried my hand at something i had absolutely no experience with!


  1. those are awesome, nicole! great job!

  2. no way, you should be proud! These look gorgeous! thanks for sharing with us over on Modish :)

  3. Fun!
    And by the way, your banner is really wonderful!

  4. Hooray for screen printing! Can't wait to see more!

  5. wow!! thank you for all the lovely words! you guys are so kind :)

  6. I am super late to this one ...
    These are fantastic! I can't wait to see what else you do.


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