Friday, October 29, 2010

autumn leaves >> inspiration

yesterday i spent the unseasonably warm afternoon outside drawing and collecting leaves.
i think i may do some quick color studies from them before they become brown and crunchy.

leafy collection

leafy collection

inked leaves

Thursday, October 7, 2010

october inspiration + nested

my new october inspiration board... i decided to go through old magazines/catalogues for this one and my eye was caught by creamy neutrals & hand drawn line work. 

october inspiration board


another illustrator piece! i sketched this same idea next to the previous, ocean swept, so i think they have a similar feel. blogger seems to have really desaturated this one making the greens/browns look gray-ish. flickr has a better version (on my screen at least!)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

shades of blue

i've been playing around in illustrator, my ultimate default program is photoshop, so its been a bit of a transition... but i'm finding out there are a lot of cool/easy/super fun tools that i didn't even know existed!

i first started with this scanned ink drawing (i'll spare you from the two watercolor attempts)
ocean swept in ink

first color-way here in light blue/seafoamy greens
ocean swept in seafoamy blue blue

second color-way in deeper blues
ocean swept in deeper blues

i'm not sure which is like best?! its fun working digitally because with the click of a button you can re-do/un-do everything!
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