Saturday, July 3, 2010

a trip to the brandywine

we ended up at the brandywine river museum on thursday & it was absolutely beautiful. matt had never been so it was definitely extra special.
brandywine river museum
we purchased the general admission and the NC Wyeth home/studio tour. 
the studio. was. well, still is amazing. unfortunately we weren't able to snap photos inside, but this photo below is the north facing window of the studio. it had the most amazing light.

north window
this is the path between the studio and the home.
from my own experience of the trip... even though i don't paint like the masters on display there, it is (beyond) amazing to see where/how illustration started. just to be in the same room as those works of art is jaw dropping. the history. the significance. and to put it simply, the talent. it was truly a fantastic day filled with inspiration.
our mini collection from the trip... the 2 postcards on the right are paintings by Andrew Wyeth & the bottom postcard is from inside NC's studio.


  1. could you even begin to imagine having a studio like that?! how heavenly and inspiring.

  2. it was quite inspiring! the wooden floor of the studio had splashes of paint all over it- it was truly awesome.


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