Thursday, May 13, 2010

start to finish

here's a peek into my goings about a drawing like this! this is actually my second version so things are a bit tidier :) I light boxed all of the fishy sea creatures from the first version (with a few tweaks!) and inked them. then i start on the bubble/barnacle background

in progress
i tend not to work in just one spot for fear of overworking the area. i tend to jump around and let the shape form itself. if you look closely in these in progress shots.. you can still see some pencil lines!

fully inked 

pencil lines gone! few details added to some fish! now onto color!

fully water-colored

and voila! the finished piece.
the original size is 11x8.5 and i think i may be using this piece for my drawgasmic (aka massive art show/coffee table book of 1,000 artists, illustrators, designers) submission. i believe there's still room to sign up so go on, check it out!

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