Thursday, November 19, 2009

personalized canvas

Waaay back in July (wow, is it really mid november?!!) I drew up four bird ink and watercolors for button designs to be handed out as favors. It was seriously the best project for me since the wedding theme is lovebirds! In the middle of sketches and emails being sent back and forth, the bride-to-be had an awesome idea. Instead of a boring ol traditional guest book she wanted a personalized canvas where all the guests could sign and it would be ready to hang on the wall. seriously, what a fantastic keepsake.

canvas in full

The canvas is 30 inches x 40 inches and features the bride and groom birds along with two smaller birds representing his daughter Lily and their son Gavin. I have to say my favorite part was doing the ink work (see last photo of the corner detail). Working with acrylic on canvas was a bit of a challenge for me, since I've recently moved on from thick textured watercolor paper to working on smooth bristol paper.  But thanks to Matt and his patience with me the canvas has been completed! Best wishes to the love birds Megan and Albert- they get married this Saturday!!!

bird detail

leafy corner detail

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